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Modern selling sucks.


It seems like people have lost their care for quality, or local workmanship.


Nowadays it’s all about one thing and one thing only…


“How much does it cost?”


“What’s the cost?”


“What’s this going to cost me?”


“Your competitor has a half price sale on now, can you beat them?”


“Well, your competitors are winning at the moment with a price of ….”


And frankly it sucks. It is not fun selling to these people.


They expect the world for as little money as they can get it.




We both know, in reality, these people are buying a worse product for less money.


It’s the law of economics, if they pay less money, it HAS to be of a lower quality otherwise the business wouldn’t be a business – it would be a charity. And charities need donations to cover their costs.


So can you get any different to this?


Is there such a thing in reality as…


“Shut up and take my money!”


What I want to help you with is attracting the ideal client?


Who is an ideal client? A client that wants to go with you regardless of price.


The mother of pearl.


The best type of clients you can find, if you know how to find them.


And guess what? They are out there looking for you.


But they can’t find you.


According to them, you do not exist.


Why not?


You are not ranking high enough in Google.


When someone goes into Google… searches for your services… who do they find?


Your competitors.


That’s right, those dream clients are all spending money with your competitors. Your business is nowhere to be found.


I’ve got an offer for you…


Why don’t I show you (for fee) how you can beat these competitors. Get your website #1 in Google. Attract more of your ideal clients. And ultimately have a more enjoyable business while making more money.


Sound good?


Drop me an email on [email protected]


Or message me on LinkedIn (northampton seo).


We’ll hop on a call some time over the next few days, review your competitors, and go through this in detail.


Thanks for taking to time to read this letter and good luck with attracting more of your ideal clients.